About Us

Bucket List Adventures, LLC

Mission: Find creative ways to help people fill their lives with memories that last a lifetime.

Our Philosophy:
1. Know your customer. Figure out what they need or want and then delight them by exceeding their expectations. We can do anything with the right combination of time and money.
2. Our employees are people, not assets. Treat them like the most valuable resource in the world because these are the people who delight our customers.
3. Be consistent and fair. Take responsibility for our actions and hold our peers accountable for theirs.
4. Find an excuse to succeed. The mere nature of business will provide ample excuses for failure. Don’t quit until you have the excuse to succeed.
5. Make a decision. It's almost always better value to make a decision and adjust than to squander precious time in paralysis by analysis.
6. If you are going to do nothing, don’t do it here. Do your assigned tasks in a timely manner and go home. We value people who value their work/life balance.
7. Solve problems at the lowest level possible. But remember, bad news NEVER gets better with age. Ask for help with sufficient time to receive it.
8. When in doubt, refer to rules, 1, 2, and 3.

Background: Bucket List Adventures was formed by an adventure seeking couple who believe that the world is here to explore, life is better with a crazy story to tell, and we have the ability to open the flood gates of opportunity to those crazy enough to want to experience life before they pass on. Bucket List Adventures caters to those people who embrace their fears, maybe just got some shockingly horrible news, and those who never knew how or had the resources to try. We believe in philanthropy through our pro bono assistance to educating children of all ages in the wonders of aviation and adventure.

Support Vehicles

With a maximum capacity to transport, our truck and trailer are essential elements to our operation.

Bucket List Adventures, is also specialized in outdoor logistics. We offer innovative and smart solutions for events that involve outdoor lodging and catering services in nature environments.

All the logistics involved for each event is first studied and adapted taking into account the following key factors:

Professional outdoor logistics

The mobility of our structure allows us to organize events in the country. Show us your idea and we make it happen.

  • Sporting events
  • Company events
  • School events
  • Private events
  • Team building

Additional Services:
Not sure how to get to ABQ? short on time? Special Needs? Not to worry, we can easily assist with a private charter jet pick up in your local area. No security lines, no gross airplane bathrooms, just send us a note and will get you a quote.