Are you ready to BALLOON FIESTA 2016!

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2016

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What: Hot Air Balloon Rides during Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2016. Come and experience the majestic morning skies of Albuquerque and see the hundreds of balloons and special shapes as you check an item of your bucket list.

When: This information applies to flights that occur on Oct 1 through Oct 9. All flights depart at or just after sunrise.

Where: Our Flights depart from Rio Rancho, NM near Unser Blvd NOT Balloon Fiesta Park

Who: Anyone who can physically climb into the basket and withstand a balloon flight they can be a little bumpy on landing on rare occasions and are not recommended for people with back trouble, pregnant women  etc. We will make every effort to accommodate all parties, guests with higher than average weights are encouraged to inquire, as people are people to us.

Our Services:

  • Private Balloon Flights for 2-5 Passengers lasting 25- 35 min or 50 – 60 min
  • Semi-Private Flights for people who don’t mind sharing a basket. Our balloons are sized for 2-5 passengers you won’t be flying/sharing with more than 6 people including the pilot in any of our balloons.


Private Balloon Flights

  • 30min flight 2 passengers $499 plus tax
  • 30min Flight 3-5 passengers $799 plus tax
  • Longer flights available on request for quote.

Semi-Private Flights

  • 30min flight $235 per person plus tax

How do I book a reservation: Please shoot us an email with the following info: 

  • Your requested dates and any alternate dates
  • # of people in your party and their weights
  • Preference of semi-private or private
  • Any special consideration you may need.

50% deposit is required at time of booking

Discounts available for combined packages with our other services call for details

Group Rates Available


Do you like to work at Fiesta event? We are looking for paid pilots and crew to assist during Fiesta, if you are interested please contact us.


Why don’t you fly from Balloon Fiesta field?
2 reasons, 1 its way more expensive because we would have to pay to launch every flight from there. 2. The traffic getting into the field starts at 4am. We prefer to sleep in and launch from less congested area.

Will I still be able to see the Balloon Fiesta Balloons, activities?
Yes (only exception is if the weather did not cooperate and your makeup flight was in the afternoon.) The field and balloons will be about 4.5 miles away from us but you will have a dramatic panoramic view of the area and balloons participating in the event.

Do you fly in the afternoons?
Occasionally, but we do not allow reservations for these flights because ballooning is very weather dependent. We reserve afternoon flights for making up missed morning flights.

I am not here for the entire period and I live out of town, what happens if we cancel?
We do NOT believe in being paid for something we did not do. If the weather does not cooperate, you will receive a credit toward any of our services or a full refund at your choice. However, if you fail to cancel, reschedule your flight at least the night before you will lose your 50% deposit.

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