New Branding for Bucket List Adventures

Bucket List Adventures New Logo

Check out the new face of Bucket List Adventures.


We are proud to announce our partnership with Felipe Cardoso. This partnership brings a new professional brand, engaging and meaningful content, and videos that make people say, “I have to try that”. As we transform the fleet of our resources, support vehicles, marketing media, you’ll find that our site is easy to navigate with the simple recognizable icons. Our inspiration and choice of colors came from a blend of a family and our cultures. The red, white, yellow and blue are the combined colors of the US and Colombian flags. The aviation inspiration comes from our careers, blessed with exposure to some of the greatest technologically advanced flying machines in the world. And the mountains remind us that this is bigger than ourselves. Whether you stare at the mountains of Bogota or the Sandia’s in Albuquerque, we cannot help but be reminded how small we are in this world.

We hope our new look and partnership with Felipe Cardoso will inspire you to check your bucket list.

Sincerely, Kevin and Andrea.

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